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Grayson Cole is an author obsessed with language, love and the fantastic. She is intrigued by the relationships people build and what makes them work. Grayson hopes to bring intense and engaging characters to life for her readers along with well-developed,  interesting stories.

Though a complete romantic at heart, Grayson's first major novel, Bright Star, flexed her fantasy/horror muscle and released to outstanding reviews with Lyrical Press, Inc in 2008. Reviews for this dark fantasy have been outstanding . The follow up, Domina, is much anticipated.

Expressing her softer, more romantic side, Grayson released The Builder and The Prescription Playboy, both of which are about strong women who recognize and welcome love, yet still have to struggle to acknowledge its place in their lives.

In June 2011, she polarized you with the intense interracial romance, Inside Out. In November she released her first romantic suspense, Caress.

She returns to the world of fantasy in her next novella The Lovers' Opalus: The Empire.


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I am incredibly proud to announce the first installment in my new fantasy series the Lovers' Opalus. The Empire comes to you June 4, 2012 from Lyrical Press, so get ready for a dark and sensual fantasy of epic proportions.

When is an Empire not an Empire? When it rules the West, the North, and the East, but the Death-White Border to the South must never be breached...

The Empress, all darkness and allure, has betrayed the Emperor. Raeche does not know what the cruel and calculating warrior will do when the baby growing in her belly is born and Lanus discovers it is not his. Only... when the child is born, she is the image of the Emperor. Raeche is shocked... and intrigued. The game is afoot. The Emperor's trickery becomes unique seduction as the keys to the true Empire are unlocked.
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Caress has received 4 Stars from Romantic Times! 

Sexy investigative reporter Michael Harrison, has just exposed a staid Caribbean art empire as a front for organized crime. Or so he thinks...

Determined and independent Nya Seymour has her eye on running her family's art empire once her father retires. To do that, she has to save it first. Michael Harrison's misguided attempt to out her family as criminals has damaged their reputation, and Nya is going to make sure he rights the wrong. But meeting the genuinely apologetic and absolutely gorgeous man changes the game.

Michael can't believe the complex web of deception that was woven to manipulate him into printing a false article, but he's determined to get to the bottom of it. And when beautiful, talented Nya's life is threatened, he's determined to protect her...and maybe make love to her.



Inside Out has been well-received and I thank you readers for the positive and thought-provoking emails. So glad that I could give you romance, fun, and something to think about all at the same time. This novel also received 4 Stars from Romantic Times! Outstanding! Robin R Pendleton said that the story becomes more electrifying with every chapter.


Inside Out is a novel about privileged, African American grad student, Tracey McAlpine. Tracey is trying to push through a life of feeling isolated outside of her family to a successful career and happiness. Her developing friendship with Garrett Atkins, a gorgeous, white law student with a southern drawl, shouldnt get in the way of that. But they both know they arent just friends, Tracey has misgivings about entering into an interracial relationship.


When the passion between them refuses to be held back anymore, Tracey and Rett dive headlong into an affair that thrives as long as they keep it discreet. But slowly, their relationship begins to outgrow their cozy hideaway; feelings are running deep and more and more people suspect. After an incredible, life-changing event, they are both left exposed to every judge in their lives, Tracey and Rett have to decide if they will face their demons together.


While it deals with an interracial relationship, in the end, this novel introduces a man and a woman to love, real love with all of its beauty and its flaws. Inside Out is sometimes poignant, sometimes funny, but always raw and honest. 


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