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About Grayson

Grayson Cole is an author obsessed with language, love and the fantastic. She is intrigued by the relationships people build and what makes them work. Grayson hopes to bring intense and engaging characters to life for her readers along with well-developed,  interesting stories.

Though a complete romantic at heart, Grayson's first major novel, Bright Star, flexed her fantasy/horror muscle and released to outstanding reviews with Lyrical Press, Inc in 2008. Reviews for this dark fantasy have been outstanding . The follow up, Domina, is much anticipated.

Expressing her softer, more romantic side, Grayson released The Builder and The Prescription Playboy, both of which are about strong women who recognize and welcome love, yet still have to struggle to acknowledge its place in their lives.

In June 2011, she polarized you with the intense interracial romance, Inside Out. In November she released her first romantic suspense, Caress.

She returns to the world of fantasy in her next novella The Lovers' Opalus: The Empire.


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Fantasy and Horror

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Bright Star

The Precocial, Jackson Rush has just used his High Energy to save the life of a girl named Bright Star. Her red hair, incandescent blue eyes, and endless vulnerability draw Jackson to her as no other woman has. But, saving this womans life comes with complications Jackson could never anticipate.

Jackson discovers that two years earlier, this same woman was saved by his brother Jacob Rush, believed by some to be the most powerful Talent the world has ever seen.

Bright Star is a believer. She understands that Jacob Rushs destiny is to be the salvation of the world despite Rushs insistence that he will not.  Amassing a devoted following for Rush, Bright Star forces him to demonstrate his strength again and again by viciously endangering her own life and all of the lives around them.

 Both Rush and Jackson try to stop Bright Stars increasingly violent and far-reaching actions, but Bright Star will not be stopped, even if she has to risk the world to get Rush to accept who he is, who he must be Bright Star is a contemporary fantasy and horror novel characterized by a heady mix of psychological tension with beautifully creepy and surreal moments.



GhostWriter Literary Reviews gave Bright Star 5 stars and had this to say: "Bright Star is an intriguing book that delivers on all levels. Reyes-Cole does an excellent job of raising quesitons in the reader's mind, which keeps the story consistently compelling. Those questions are all answered in a satisfying manner as Bright Star's twisted personal mythology is revealed."

Click here for the full review.

Bitten By Books reviewed Bright Star and said: "My imagination danced as the story ended. Bright Star is soundly written and entrancing... This is an enchanting read." 

Click here for the full review.


Coming Soon


The Lover's Opalus

When is an Empire not an Empire? When it rules the West, the North, and the East, but the Death White Border to the South must never be breached... 
The Empire (read more here )

The Empress, all darkness and allure, has betrayed the Emperor. Now Raeche doesn't know what the cruel and calculating warrior will do when the baby growing in her belly is born and Lanus will know it is not his. Only... when her child is born, blonde and green-eyed with milky skin, the girl is the very image of the Emperor. 

Raeche is shocked... and intrigued. The game is afoot. Deception becomes unique seduction as the keys to the true Empire are unlocked in this first book of the series.











The Personal's Release

More information coming soon.


Rucha's Rage

More information coming soon.


Domina picks up at the exact moment Bright Star leavs off. In the aftermath of an altered world, Jackson is left with a ward born too beautiful and too horrible for the world.


Fascination: Swallow and Nightingale

The Fascination: Swallow and Nightingale is a contemporary horror story based loosely on a portion of Ovid's Metamorphoses which features a mad king, his wife, her sister, and a chain of horrifying acts made in the name of love, lust, and vengeance.

Characterized by a distinctly broken protagonist, "The Fascination" is told in both a nonchalant and terrifying narrative voice. The tale carries the reader down the dangerous path of obsession and righteousness along with Terrence, its troubled centerpiece of this tale. Clear and easy, the language of the story subtly tricks the reader into devolving with Terrence as his obsession with  the beautiful Philomela grows.

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A Sharpest Wife

On Halloween 2008, I started a series called A Sharpest Wife. It came about after I reread an email to a friend and noticed a typo where I had written "a sharpest wife". To this day, I don't remember what I was tryng to write, but I found the phrase so wrong and so interesting that I wondered what the story would be like.

Because it was for fun only, I ignore that dirty word "editing" and allowed the story to blossom organically. All the things that attract me in a dark story took seed and blossomed in the take. A Sharpest Wife centers around a socially instilled love/hate relationship between man and woman in the extreme, a nod mythology and the artificial history constructed by writers, and a bit beautiful violence. 

Read series here.

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