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About Grayson

Grayson Cole is an author obsessed with language, love and the fantastic. She is intrigued by the relationships people build and what makes them work. Grayson hopes to bring intense and engaging characters to life for her readers along with well-developed,  interesting stories.

Though a complete romantic at heart, Grayson's first major novel, Bright Star, flexed her fantasy/horror muscle and released to outstanding reviews with Lyrical Press, Inc in 2008. Reviews for this dark fantasy have been outstanding . The follow up, Domina, is much anticipated.

Expressing her softer, more romantic side, Grayson released The Builder and The Prescription Playboy, both of which are about strong women who recognize and welcome love, yet still have to struggle to acknowledge its place in their lives.

In June 2011, she polarized you with the intense interracial romance, Inside Out. In November she released her first romantic suspense, Caress.

She returns to the world of fantasy in her next novella The Lovers' Opalus: The Empire.


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November 2011

Genesis Press

Contemporary Romance




Sexy, investigative reporter, Michael Harrison, has just exposed a staid Caribbean art empire as a front for organized crime.  Or so he thinks.

Determined and independent Nya Seymour has her eye on running her family's art empire once her father retires. To do that, she has to save it first. Michael Harrison's misguided attempt to out her family as criminals has damaged their reputation, and Nya is going to make sure he rights the wrong. But meeting the genuinely apologetic and absolutely gorgeous man changes the game.

Michael can't believe the complex web of deception woven to manipulate him into printing a false article, but he's determined to get to the bottom of it with the help of beautiful, talented Nya. And when Nya's life is threatened, he's determined to protect her... and maybe kiss her.

Read the first chapter here .

Inside Out



Genesis Press

Interracial Romance




Inside: Tracey never really fit in anywhere as a child, so she works hard for college to be different.  Out in the world, she doesn't talk about her parents, or her travels, or the languages she speaks. She doesn't talk much at all, because it frequently leads to black people asking her why she talks white and white people asking where she's from; no one believes she's a native Southerner.


But the people she meets in grad school aren't satisfied with knowing Tracey on the surface alone. And Garrett well he isnt satisfied that even though she can't help falling in love with his southern charm and overall gorgeousness, she can't be that girl that ends up with a white husband.


Out: Entering his last year in law school, Garrett Atkins cant complain about his life. At graduation, hes guaranteed a job in a prestigious firm and a wife. But one mix-up on campus introduces him to stubborn, snide and sexy Tracey McAlpine. She may not be whats best for him, but God help him, shes what he wants, and Rett has never been a man whose accepted being told he cant have what he wants, no matter the consequences.


Inside Out releasing from Genesis Press in June 2011 has received 4 Stars from Romantic Times! Outstanding! Robin R Pendleton said that the story becomes more electrifying with every chapter.


Read an excerpt here .


The Prescription Playboy

December 2009

Lyrical Press

Contemporary Romance


Huntington Lewis, a smart, sexy, PR phenom, is trying to land the account of her life with pharmaceutical company Med Solutions. When the devastatingly attractive CEO, Kevin Carter, makes an enemy of a very important FDA inspector, Huntington flies to the rescue the playboy chemist.

With suspicious expiration dates and a poor image with the 36-55 female demographic, Kevin is sinking fast. All of Huntington's skills are needed as the duo battle their way to love, in spite of the paparazzi, old flames, focus groups.

Read an excerpt here .

Read the very first review!

WitchGiggles at Alternative Read has given The Prescription Playboy a lovely review and I am incredibly excited to share it with you!

She says: With humor, wit, style and grace Ms. Reyes-Cole delivers a story that is many faceted as well as simply down to earth and full of life.

Read the full review here:

The Builder 

May 2009

This is s a lovely romance with a hint of a twist about a sexy football player and the woman who falls in love with him... twice.

When Devon McAteer, the most talented running back in the NFL, is put on probation after an uncharacteristic blow up, the team owner saddles him with sexy Jada Green, a staff counselor.

Immediately, passion and a bit of something more spark between the pair, but when Devon decides to quit the team to become an architect, they are torn apart.

Years later, tragedy touches Jada's life. Possessed by an unending and dangerous grief, she has a magical and quicte inexplicable experience that makes her believe in love again, and she owes it all to The Builder.


Read an Excerpt here .

The Reviews are in... and they are GOOD!:

Brenda Talley at The Romance Studio says I promise you a great read from an author who obviously knows how to keep readers attention. I highly recommend that you read this book. Read the entire review here .

Roberta at You Gotta Read Reviews says "From the moment I started reading this story, I fell in love with the characters." Read the entire review here .

Stephanie Wilson at Manic Readers said Ms. Reyes-Cole provided a very well paced story. You could still feel the connection between the characters even when they werent together. This was a book I found hard to put down until I read the last page. Jada and Devon are realistic characters that you can buy into. This is my first read by this author and I really enjoyed The Builder. You can read the full review here .

Storm at  Bitten By Books says "This was a love story that you can believe in and sigh over." Read the full review here .


Coming Soon:


Severance Pay

Contemporary Romance (I/R)


Its a dirty job, but sharp HR Executive JJ Prentiss is fantastic at it. When her company acquires another, she uses expansive severance packages to make all those redundant heads go away with the least litigation possible. 
She manages her personal life much the same way. Always finding herself in relationships with men who cannot emotionally or even physically return her affection, she uses the same calculated strategy to end things when its time.

And its time.
JJ has been in love with Dennis Rains for years, but nothing has come of it mainly because the COO is her boss and hes married. She knows shes long overdue to let him go and get on with her life. So, when the Board of Directors secretly engages her to wrangle a resignation out of the brilliant Dennis no matter the cost, JJ accepts the task. She knows it will devastate Dennis when he finds out, but she needs to drive him out of her life for good.
Shes also got a solution for the trouble that is bad boy chef Conrad Dee. Connie is more than willing to give her the physical relationship she isnt getting from Dennis, no strings attached, but lately theres just something different about the way hes looking at her. 
JJ has a perfect plan, until she discovers: not everyone is interested in Severance Pay.

Excerpt coming soon.

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